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I will use this page on my website to explain my needs regarding a post where I search for  cooperation and a partnership for some of my projects. I am looking for a Sound & Music Composer. More details that is important regarding this issue I will write about here and maybe sometimes update the information.

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My Post in the Logic Pro Group:



Music for Film & TV

Someone interesting in composing and creating some film music? I am a Norwegian Photographer, Film Director and a Producer who is looking for a cooperation or a partnership regarding composing music for some of my TV projects. I am using Apple Logic Pro X. If interested please send me a msg to my inbox. Have a great day all of you and hope to hear from someone soon 🙂


Olaf Rudolfsen

Me, Olaf Rudolfsen has been working more than 40 years in the media business as a photographer, writer for newspapers and magazines. TV Producer, Film Director and as a TV journalist, with a large number of television broadcasts produced. Almost all Norwegian TV Channels, international TV stations such as BBC and CNN.

We now planning to upgrade and produce a new Sound & Music Library. So welcome to be my New Music Composer & Partner.

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Video about the Corona Pandemic 2020

Example on what type of music I am looking for:

This is a film (60 sec) about the Corona Pandemic we are facing this year 2020. I am producing many films these days regarding this tema and I need to produce some soundtracks and music for this purpose. This film specific need a new soundtrack.

The music you can hear on this 60 sec example is only ment to be an illustration to this project. NEW MUSIC NEED TO BE CREATED FOR THIS VIDEO.

The video above is a one of the video that is going to be remixed regarding sound. Many other films is next. I just need to find a partner who can cooperate with me and my interest. My interest is also reflected from my customers interest, for example if my work is about a commercial film.

Music file for inspiration

This attached audio file is only an example about what type of Music I am looking for. It is important to act as a professional and mention that it is not acceptable to directly Copy & Past from this existing music. Anyway if we can get inspired from some music and get good ideas from other musicians, GREAT COMBINATION. This is in general how the Media Business is function today. Get inspired and be Creative. Listen to this audio and get creative from this Music Genre.

Scanfox Music Clip-1 Demo
Scanfox Music Clip-1 Demo
Scanfox Music Clip-1 DemoScanfox Music Clip-1 Demo
Scanfox Music Clip-2 Demo
Scanfox Music Clip-2 Demo
Scanfox Music Clip-2 DemoScanfox Music Clip-2 Demo

So here is my case and needs

I have many productions coming up soon and I would like to upgrade my Sound & Music Library and produce my own Sound & Music platform. When I say “PRODUCE MY OWN”  I should be more specific. Yes I have my own Audio Software Editor – DAW – Apple Logic Pro X. I am okay about using it, but I am no capable to compose Sound & Music in Logic Pro X. So I need help. Most important for me is the sound. Personally I like when instruments sounds like REAL instrument. This is Important.

  1. I am looking for someone who can produce Music Tracks for me.
  2. I am looking for a Digital Sound & Music Composer.
  3. I will do my best to give some specific ideas to the Composer and hopefully receive some MAGIC in return.
  4. I am looking for a partner who can work for me from project to project.
  5. When trust is build up, I will give all needed freedom to my partner and artist.
  6. It is important that I need to receive editable project files for Apple Logic Pro X.
  7. I need to have permission to edit, copy/paste inside these project files.
  8. I need to have fully permission to use all the Sound & Music Files, without any restriction from the producer in all my projects.
  9. We need to agree about all economic and Payment Terms.
  10. Practical agreement will be made from project to project.


If you read all details here and sending my your personal information using this form, we can continue communicate in Facebook Messenger about small practical details only. Easy for me and easy for you!

For international calls make an agreement i Messenger first and then please add me, Olaf Rudolfsen +47 920 54 000 in WhatsApp. Great App for business communication both for chat and calls.

Please use this form and send me your Contact Information

Send in the form and I will get in touch with you on Facebook / Messenger.