Film Director

Film Director & Photographer Olaf Rudolfsen. More than 40 years of experience. He has been working for many international TV companies such as BBC, CNN and mostly all Norwegian TV channels. More than 1.500 films has been produced trough all these years.


Olaf Rudolfsen has a journalistic experience which is necessary to be able producing professional and interesting TV programs and documentaries. In addition, he has delivered numbers of reports and photos for both newspapers and international magazines.

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Head Office

Tallbergveien 2E, 1166 Oslo
Region Oslo, Norway – NO
Phone: +47 920 54 000
WhatsApp: +47 920 54 000

Home Office

Tungen 30, 2053 Jessheim
Region Viken, Norway – NO
Phone: +47 920 54 000
WhatsApp: +47 920 54 000

Backup Office

Brenna Gaard, Kvennbekkveien 69
Region Innlandet, Norway – NO
Phone: +47 920 54 000
WhatsApp: +47 920 54 000

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Born in the North part of Norway
Majestic and Spectacular Nature

It’s Easier To Ask Forgiveness Than To Get Permission!
Olaf Rudolfsen
World Traveller
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