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To be Au Pair in Rudolfsen Family

An au pair is a helper from a foreign country working,  living as part of a host family. The Au Pair take part in some of the family’s responsibility for childcare as well as some light household work and will receive a monetary allowance for personal use. Totally free accommodation. Salary in Norway is per 2022 set by the government to be 5.900 NOK – Approx 600 EURO

Do you want to be Au Pair or maybe Change your Host family

If you are living inside Norway or another European Country, we are interested to get into an agreement with you.

  1. If you are European citizen you can be Au Pair without any visa or paper issue. Free to travel and work all over.
  2. If you need a Visa, educated with a Bachelor Degree, you can apply online inside Norway and wait in Norway for answer.
  3. You can also go to Norway on a tourist visa and then, if Bachelor Degree,  apply for  Au Pair visa inside Norway.
  4. We are also willing to invite a candidate who is planning to change the Host Family.

If you plan to wait for the visa decision in another country, then we are not interested. This is not what we are looking for. It is too complicated and some times up to 4 – 10 months waiting process.The fee for Au Pair Visa is 9.100 NOK ( starting from 01.01.2022 ). Salary or pocket money for Norway is set to minimum 5.900 NOK per month (before taxes).

Our Needs and Family

About Work.
We are primary looking for help in our home. This can be an Au Pair or a Housekeeper. We also have some extra options regarding normal work as a Secretary or a Media Production Assistent in one of our family Companies. This can potentially give a 2 years work visa (included auto renewal) for those who need a visa. To apply inside Norway and to get a work visa, the candidate need minimum some special skills or a Bachelor Degree. Of course you also need to be qualified for the job. A work visa will normally after 4 years end up as a Permanent Residence Permit for Norway and the European Schengen area. Visa for Lifetime.

About my Family.
I divorced in 2020, so I am a single father and I am living 100 percent alone with my son 14, years old. I also have two sons 34 and 36 years old, who are living by them self, from an earlier relationship. We live in the city Jessheim, Norway, 30 minutes outside the capital city Oslo and only 10 minutes away from the International Airport Oslo-Gardermoen. I have 12 years experience having an Au Pair or a Housekeeper. Always we been having some help in our home, mostly from Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, Polen, Italy or from Romania. We will of course accept all nationalities as long we have a personal and a family match to live in the same house. We would like to find someone who like activity and travelling. Both my older sons, Kevin and me are playing play golf.

We also have a small farm 1,5 hours drive from our home. Only for weekends and some vacations.

Approximately 3-5 hours per day and every second weekend:

  • Make sure that my son wake up 7:00 and go to School 8:15.
  • Preparing breakfast, lunchpack for his time in school.
  • Light Housekeeping.
  • Some laundry now and then.
  • Some ironing now and then. Not too much of this type of activity or work.
  • Keep the kitchen and the living room nice and clean. This is the most important thing to do.
  • Wiping dust and cleaning floors and  more, need to be done one day per week.
  • Make some food now and then. I am actually a good chef and I love to make food myself.
  • We also need some helps in our small farms some weekends about cleaning. This is our Paradise on Earth. Very idyllic Location.

Work for Rudolfsen Family 2022

Happy New Year from Rudolfsen Family 2017

Skiing in Trysil, Norway 2018

Merry Christmas Card 2016

Merry Christmas Card

Kevin & Janine Playing in our Farm

Our Small Farm, Deset in Rena, Norway

Vårt småbruk på Deset i Rena

Our Small farm Winter 2017

Kevin Rudolfsen National Day 17. Mai 2012

Commercial about my son Mads 1999

Kevin in Bangkok, Thailand 2012

Kevin's Summer Camp, Norway 2017

Kevin and Liam playing Rainbow Golf

My two oldest sons Mads & Morten 1998

The Tsunami hit Thailand in 2004

My own Commercial from 2006

My son Morten in a Commercial 2005

Horse Sleigh Ride - Christmas 2009

Commercial about my son Mads 1999

Kevin's First Skiing

Dennapha Life Style Branding

Dennapha in Marrakech Marocco for Nuskin

Active Au Pair Commercial Film

Rolf Rudolfsen USA - Hurricane Floyd

Rolf Rudolfsen USA 100 års Minne Film

Wat Thai Gardermoen

Ukraina - Ой у лузі червона калина

Ukraina - Ой у лузі червона калина

Corona Pandemic Norway 2018

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