Film Director

Film Director & Photographer Olaf Rudolfsen. More than 40 years of experience. He has been working for many international TV companies such as BBC, CNN and mostly all Norwegian TV channels. More than 1.500 films produced trough all these years.


Olaf Rudolfsen has a journalistic experience which is necessary to be able producing professional and interesting TV programs and documentaries. In addition, he has delivered numbers of reports for both newspapers and international magazines.

Delivering on Time

When I enter into an agreement for the production of, for example, an information film or a commercial film, production of a website, work on team building, or whatever it may be, I deliver – at the agreed time! Deadline is a term in the world I live in. Therefore, it is important for me to always deliver at the agreed time.

Always Available

I always try to be available to my partners. It sometimes has “its price”, but it is absolutely necessary when you are in the middle of a project and playing with ideas. Creative solutions, which will eventually become the crown on the actual “masterpiece”, we find out together.

Professional and Responsible

We act professionally and responsibly at all times. All projects are assessed and treated in a proper manner. The customer always has ownership of their own ideas projects that are presented. We act confidentially to ensure that good ideas can flow freely – without risk.

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Born in the North part of Norway
Majestic and Spectacular Nature

It’s Easier To Ask Forgiveness
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Olaf Rudolfsen
Film Director & Photographer
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