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  • 08.06.2019
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This story is about Ronalene Dela Cruz Peregrina from Marikina City in the Philippines. Au Pair living in Oslo. The harassment and bullying is continuing. Now she is in front of all comments. My new Facebook Troll I want to present here.



Everyone who is active participating into bullying and harassment in Facebook groups and in a negative way publishing post’s or comments that includes lies, my name, my family, will be named here as a Facebook Troll.

Why do some people alway love to be in the centre of the garbage zone?

Facebook Bullying

People who are using Facebook for harassment and bullying will always face problems when they are going to look for a new job, a new Host Family somewhere. No family will risk their their family or children’s safety to hire in a person who is active spreading lies on FB. No-one want to be bullied in a Facebook group and specially not a family, company or any employer. In Norway we have open registers for all Employer’s, so it’s not to difficult to find them.

I have the latest week got huge amounts of support specially rom Host Families and potentially Host Families. They are both writing and calling to support me in this “fight” me . I also got a lot of support from Au Pairs who are appreciating the fact that I do not take part of the Facebook harassment by commenting or answering these girls. I promise it will continue like this. But I will continue my “fight” HERE on my website and on my own platform! These articles here on this website is only a starter.

Those girls who are a part this type of communication I will try to do my best to stop once and for all!

Ronalene Dela Cruz Peregrina. This is not a threat or a warning. I am only informing that I will continue to write my comments and to post my answers here on my own website. And BTW thanks for sharing my articles. Those Facebook groups you are active in, is public groups for everyone to read and to write inside. My website is also public. You use your platform I will choose my platform. I will continue to mirror and to reflect from this groups here as long as the  development is continuing. I promise, Like it or not! Its easier for me to “fight” someone from here, as long as they are here, located in Norway and living with a Norwegian Host Family. No further comments need to be added from me about this. I am at the moment also working with a automatic sharing tool for 30-40 other websites. Under development.

I will again kindly ask all those girl who are a part of those Facebook post’s to delete them. The group administrator in one of them is totally out of control and already reported  to FB.

I would also like to say something to all Au Pair’s in Norway and all over the world. Norway is a fantastic country. I am so proud about living in a this open minded country with almost totally open borders. Almost always we have been welcoming the people from Asia and from the Philippines. Au Pair’s, students, nurses and other skilled workers. Sadly I think the history will always remember those who are trying to break down or trying to destroy this great relationship between us.

Ronalene Dela Cruz Peregrina is from Marikina City in the Philippines. She is Au Pair and she is living in Oslo. She simply don’t catch this or she don’t understand the consequences this will maybe have, also for other Au Pair’s in Norway.

Already we having a huge debate about the Au Pair program in Norway. almost daily in the news. But lets be fair. this is not only about the Au Pair’s. Its also about how some Host Families who is more or less abusing the Au Pair program to get a cheap hardworking housekeeper. So the discussion is not about specific people and specific behaviours. Its a more a bigger discussion based on principles and politics.

More and more Host Families are now looking to Europe. Looking for Au Pair’s from Europe. No visa needed. Easier to find someone who can work more, if they get better paid. No limit for working hours. This is in my opinion a good development that I will support. I will totally support this and would like to work hard to promote European girls as Au Pair’s and housekeepers in the future. Its easy to see this tendency also in Facebook groups all over. Both in Norway and other countries.

I am now also planning maybe to take down all my websites thats is connected to Au pair’s from Asia. I think also its a better idea to promote some of my websites who is focusing on normal work offers and Au Pair’s from Europe. Example: (A new website from me, that is under development)

I below post the latest development in this Facebook group.

Link to the article about Emilym Weber.

This article will be updated!

Her is some quotes from some of her comments.

I am also reminding you all about that this is posted in a open public Facebook group. Its not a privacy chatroom or a privacy forum. Its totally open for all to read.

  1. Ronalene Dela Cruz Peregrina Emilym Weber what about it might be his Wife ??? Just using his account, coz she might be hating on Filipinos?
  2. Ronalene Dela Cruz Peregrina Emilym Weber He is absolutely have a problem. We should also be very careful. Bcoz he might be working with UDI or Politi. Whoever he is, looking for some aupair who are doing black job. And its just a clickbait.
  3. Ronalene Dela Cruz Peregrina This man is kinda creepy. Last December I had to change host. I found him in various aupair website. He has a package deal. Kinda offering a working contract for 6 months after your aupair contract with them ( if you are qualified ). He has a Thailander wife and 1 child. They live in Jessheim. When you asked him what are the normal working days for the aupair he will not reply anymore. And then again, he is posting that they need an aupair again. Isnt weird how it seems that they never found a aupair or probably never finished the contract? Its only 6 months gap since then ? We should warned everyone with this man.

Here is some response from me regarding these harassment.

  1. My wife is not using my FB account and she does definitely not hate Filipinos! We have many friends from the Philippines and we eve have been helping/supporting the Philippine people when they need help in the Philippines. During the typhoons in 2013, 2015 and 2017 we supported many families with a large amount of money to get food in the Philippines. Many families actually get food from us during these floods.
  2. Maybe there is something interesting here… I already got a few phone calls about this regarding her “extra working”. So for those who are able to read between her lines here… Keep on thinking!
  3. I have never been talking or communicated with Ronalene Dela Cruz Peregrina. She contacted me from a website for Au Pair’s where are registered as a Host Family. In fact we was absolutely not interested in hire in her. We got some info about her, that we didn’t appreciated, so we didn’t respond to the e mail she was sending us. I am in charges for some companies and I am free to hire in who ever I want if I need an employee. I can without any problems offer a regularly Work Visa to those who are qualified with a minimum Bachelor Degree. This is according to the Norwegian Law. The fact that this woman is so stupid that she don’t understand this is not our problem.

Quote from part of our Host Family profile in that website she refer to.

If we find the «Brilliant Match» and the right person, there is also some extra work opportunities as an assistant /secretary in one of our family companies connected to TV Production or our Real Estate business. This could be a «Golden Gard» for a normal repeating Work Visa for those who need a visa to stay in Norway for an extended period.

Fellesforbundet – Joint union leader: Jørn Eggum

VG – Norwegian biggest newspaper VG today, 07. June 2019

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