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  • 04.06.2019
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An Au Pair is an unmarried young adult aged 18 to 30 years, who has no children and travels to a foreign country for a defined period of time to live with a Host Family. The Au Pair is going to be considered as a full member of the family during the entire stay

Who should be an Au Pair?

If you are a dreaming about going abroad to learn and to experience a new country and a new culture, you are a good Au Pair candidate.

If you are educated with a Bachelor Degree, dreaming about a good job, willing to use the Au Pair experience as a “starter” in a new country with new opportunities. Then you are a good Au Pair Candidate.

If you would like to help your family financially or to “pay back” student loan or other expenses you had to start your own good life. Then you are a good Au Pair Candidate.

I highly recommend young people to travel and to explore the world. If your intentions are good, its a fantastic way to learn how to get strong, independent and to meet families and the culture all around the world. You will have access to learn a new language and experience the way we are living, for example here in Norway. Free accommodation. On top of this you will have enough pocked money to survive and maybe save some money to bring back home.

So in general, many good reasons to apply for an Au Pair visa if yo are able to find a good Host Family. Go for it!

The Families Breadwinners

In Philippine as all over you will find poor, medium and rich families. Mostly all Au Pairs are coming from poor up to medium living standard families. Being the breadwinner of your family when you’re still young can be a very tough situation to be in. A “breadwinner” is the person in a household who is financially responsible for the family’s survival. Go out and pick money.

Extremely many young Au Pair’s from the Philippines is sent to Europe as “bredwinners”. The family, normally the mother, aunts and other relatives is organizing and sending some times the youngest girl to Europe to “pick money” or/and to find a husband.

Based on personal experience I have listen to so many conversations, seen so much tears, heard so much crying, when for example the mother is calling, always on the salary payday: Have you sent the money?  Where is the money? Normal, based on my experience experience it’s the mother, sister’s, brother’s and aunt’s who are in front about this. Never – I love you or I miss you.

This girls should not be Au Pair’s. The are sent by their own family sometimes into slavey! They do not have a qualified intention or a good motivation.

Au Pair or on a Dating Trip?

The last category I will bring up here is those who going to Europe as an Au Pair, with the purpose – Love & Marriage.

Nothing wrong with Love & Marriage. Nothing wrong about looking for a man. Nothing wrong about dating. The problem starting when a girl using the Au Pair visa as a cover operation for Love & Marriage. Try out a dating site instead.

Also based on my own experience its sad to find out that I was just a tool for a an “aunt” or whatever who want one or two of her relatives to Norway so they can work as an Au Pair. When they arrived you quickly find out that they have totally other intentions.

I have my self experience a girl abused me to sign a work contract so she quickly could come to Norway as my “dream Au Pair”. I promise I will never disappoint you. and the her boyfriend or fiancé is picking her up at the airport. Never seen her here in the house.

This / these girls should not be Au Pair. I have documented many similar stories.

But I wish them all the best and hope that those who are looking for love will find their love when their Au Pair project is completed.

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