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  • 01.06.2019
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Sadly there are also some bad memories that I am not happy to have experienced. I don`t feel good about sharing all this.

Why am I writing these stories?

Simply because some Philippine girls posted a lot of really bad comments and accusations against me in some Facebook groups. I would like to “clean up my name” and because I am fed up to listen to these lies and speculations from people who don´t know me or my family. I would never go into any discussions with them, inside those  groups.

I ca assure you all and  promise that I have nothing in general against the Philippine people. I love Asia and the asian people! There is both good people and bad people all around the world. Also Norwegians inside Norway. I still strongly believe this. If I will choose an asian Au Pair again, I will still be positive to hire in a person from Philippines. But we have to be open minded and straight forward when we communicate. They want to live in Norway. We are not going to move to their home country. Remember…

Good People will always connect to Good People!

So I will always believe that there is a lot of good and honestly people out there and I am a 100 percent positive thinking person.

This is the link to the main article that led to all this. You can read here.

More stories, but no names, coming up soon!

Story No. 1 – from 2009

In 2009 a girl from Philippine contacted me. She was Au Pair and living in Denmark. She wanted to “learn” more about Norway, the Norwegian Culture, history and the Au Pair Culture Program in Norway.

My wife was pregnant in her 7 months.

I had a deadline 21. Sept 2009 in Bangkok to get my Thai work visa stamp and I had to go to Thailand quickly for one week. We was so happy about this girl. She came and visited us for one weekend . Her “cousin” joined us for dinner and slept over with her in our house.

My wife was extremely afraid to stay alone in that big house, but our “new” Au Pair assured us about that she could go directly back to Denmark, deliver an application at the Norwegian Embassy and quickly come back to stay in the house with my wife as a guest until I come back from Thailand. Fantastic. So I gave her money for the visiting trip to Norway, for the visa application, two ways ticket money, pocket money and some extra backup money. Totally 15.000 NOK. (More than 100.000 PHP Peso). I borrowed her a mobil phone with a Norwegian sim card with a Norwegian free call number. I wanted to make sure that they was connected. So I booked my flight to Bangkok.

After some few days I got a phone call and the message that the Au Pair didn’t show up as agreed. My wife was in panic and extremely nervous. She could feel that her birth was underway (seven months pregnant). She was strong enough to take herself to the hospital, bleeding and gave birth few hours later to our son. Two months to early. My oldest son rushed to the hospital to support my wife and I of course took the first flight back home.

The “Au Pair” got her visa later even if she never showed up in our home. She locked her self “secretly” into the house with the key we gave her, some days later and picked up her suitcase and her laptop. She put the key in the entry hall and disappeared without one single word or any note.

My mobil phone she was using with the same number for more than two months later. I kept it open because I planned to track her, but I didn’t. Of course I never got my money back. (15.000 NOK or 1.800 USD). Today she is still living somewhere in Norway together with the same “cousin”, that was not her relative at all, but her lesbian girlfriend. I hope she is happy today. My son did well. No problems at all even then or today.

This was my first experience with a Philippine Au Pair. No name are connected to this story.

Story No. 2 – from 2014

Abused by her own people in Oslo.

This story is about a Philippine girl, former Au Pair in Oslo, married to a Norwegian man. They rented out  rooms in Tveita, Oslo to Philippine nurses who came here on a student visa. Applications delivered into the Embassy in Manila. All organised from an Philippine agency in cooperation with this Philippine ex Au Pair here in Oslo. 15-20 nurses/students lived in this house and they had to pay more than 4.000 NOK  ( 29.000 PHP Peso or 475 USD ) for one bed per month. No separated room, but only for one bed per person. This ex Au Pair collected  up to 80.000 NOK per month from her own citizen from Philippines. 580.000 PHP Peso or 9.500 USD per month. According to the agency contract she also was committed to help them to get work and access to Norwegian School.

No-one that I know about went to school, mostly all of them worked with cleaning houses (black work) and the ex Au Pair also collected parts of this income from each and one.

The reason why I know all details about this story is because one of the girl came to me and asked for help. She came to me as a guest and I helped her later to get a normal job in a Elderly Care Home and later in a hospital. I drove her to this house and I was in chock about what I saw and about what she later told me.

The UDI Immigration did quickly close down this Student Visa Program because of all the problems that was connected to this type of visa.

The girl who came to us and asked for help is a fantastic good person and she did nothing wrong, bad or illegal. She was abused by her own people and her philippine “friends” here in Norway.

Today she is living a good life here in Norway. No name are connected to this story.

Story No. 3 –  from 2014/15

Pretended to be an Au Pair

This is a “crazy” story. One girl contacted me trough a Au Pair website and told me that she was currently in Manila. She already had got her Au Pair visa to Norway, but “sadly”, she said her Host Family had to cancel her work contract because os some financial problems. If we could sign a new work contract with her, she could come within few days and start to work for us immediately. I just had to pay for her flight ticket. So I did. Two days later she planned to arrive to Oslo Gardermoen Int. Airport and we was going to pick her up there and guide / assist her so she could go to the local Police Station for an interview as soon as possible. The work contract she needed to show to the immigration at the airport, if needed, she said. So we agreed to meet at the airport “meeting point”.

She then sent me a lot of pictures from Manila Airport, from Bangkok and from the airport in Frankfurt to show me a “report” from her “dream travel”. She never showed up at the agreed meeting point. Later I did some research with her Host Family that cancelled her contract earlier. This was a fake work contract. Made by her fiancé or boyfriend here, close to where we live in Norway. A friend and a work college of him have signed it without even having asked his wife about this.

Her boyfriend picked her up at the airport and they disappeared together. Of course I tracked her and I did find out about all this and her situation. She later changed work contract again and again to cheat more families only to delay her stay her in Norway. I have no idea where she is today, she is not together with him any longer, but I looked at all this with a big smile and I was just thinking – Never Again! I was just acting in a stupid way and learned of course my lesson from this.

Story No. 4 – from 2016

Abused by her own family in Oslo.

I got trough an Au Pair website in contact with one young au Pair who called me after she received an e mail from me earlier. We was looking for a new Au Pair and she desperately needed a new Host Family. After talking to her on phone I quickly found out that there was something seriously wrong about her situation. We invited her for a meeting and dinner. She refused to go back home and to leave us and she started slowly to talk and to tell us some stories.

We had to give her new clothes and she was afraid to go back home to Oslo.

She was living together with her aunt. She was here on a Au Pair visa. A “fake” visa her aunt had arranged for her. Her aunt worked with cleaning in a hospital and one of the doctors had signed a work contract, but she was never living in the doctors house, but she cleaned there for free once a week. She was living with her aunt, who is the sister to the mother of the Au Pair. I am going to make this story short, because its such a sad story.

Her aunt had 15 houses to clean every month. This girl had to do all the cleaning work, but her aunt collected all the “black” money for all the cleaning she did. The girls mother had some financial debt to her aunt here in Norway.

Her aunt had arranged 4 similar Au Pair visas earlier for other relatives so they could come live with her and to work for her, here in  Norway.

She also told me that she was abused “in another way” by her Norwegian uncle  (her aunts husband) here in Norway. Her family totally banned her after she told her story.

I am so glad that I was able to help her. I also helped her to find a new family for her in Denmark, after her Au Pair visa expired here in Norway. She is now happy “almost married” in another European country. She is a good person. We have been visiting her in Denmark and she has been visiting us many times later here in Norway.

Everything finally ended good for her.

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