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This story is about

Facebook trolls. bullying, harassment and really bad behavior.

One of them, Emilym Weber, will hereby be identified and presented.


Everyone who is active participating into bullying and harassment in Facebook groups and in a negative way publishing post’s or comments that includes lies, my name, my family, will be named here as a Facebook Troll.

Welcome to meet our Facebook Troll

Emilym Weber


The 27. May 2019 I wrote some posts in some Facebook Groups. I am my self ADMIN in many Groups. My goals was to find an Au Pair for two families who asked me for help. I was also looking for an Au Pair for my own family.

Everything ended up in a MESS. Emilym Weber, who is a woman living in Brazil, didn’t like my wish for an European Au Pair, so she write to me in a privat message that I should prefer someone from another country, not from Europe. She commented my post as SCAM. OMG!!! BTW. This Facebook groups is a public group with public Settings and I would never even thinking about taking part of any type of public discussion in any of these Group.

I will write my answer/opinion, on my own personal platform and then provide everyone who ask for it, with a link to this article

So it started with my FB post.

One single post in a Au Pair group. Members can here advertise for an Au Pair or a Host Family.

I am a great defender of a Free Press and the Freedom of Speech. But I honestly almost hate so called – fake news and false accusations. I also do support identifying of those who a are active into bullying on Facebook. So I do what I have to do here!

This is my post and here is my story.

SCAMEmilym Weber  wrote as a comment in my post – First let me explain. The definition of a “Facebook troll” is a person who active participating, mostly inside groups, bullying or active writing post´s and comment´s only to do harm and harassment to another person. They are difficult to stop, because normally the group administrator´s has no journalistic or editor experience or they simply don`t care or support harassment and bad language without any quality filter.

In internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on Facebook to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in Facebook or any online community (such as a newsgroup, forum or a chat room,) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalising tangential discussion, whether for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.

Both the noun and the verb forms of a “troll” are associated with Facebook discourse. However, the word has also been used more widely. Media attention in recent years has equated trolling with online harassment. For example, the mass media have used “troll” to mean “a person who defaces Facebook tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families”. In addition, depictions of trolling have been included in popular fictional works, such as the HBO television program The Newsroom, in which a main character encounters harassing persons online and tries to infiltrate their circles by posting negative sexual comments.

I contacted the two who is administrator in two FB groups about this issue, but now-one responded. Still many days later, no response from the administrator´s. For me I have a feeling that this group administrators actually support this type of post´s and harassment. This is scary and the main reason why I deal with this inside my own Personal Website in my way.

About Me

My name is Olaf Rudolfsen. I am a family father living in Norway. I live with an asian and my youngest son is 50/50 asian and 9 years old.

For almost 40 years I have, as a profession, been working as a Journalist, Film Director & Photographer. Earlier produced as a freelancer for CNN, BBC and a lot of films for Norwegian Television and different other international Media Stations. Totally included all small reportages and commercials I have produced approx 1.500 films.

I am Admin and Editor in some Facebook Groups and I am also the owner/designer/developer of many websites. 60-70 websites since I am also working as a provider for Domain Host Servers and Web Hotels. I am also running my website activeaupair.com which is totally FREE service for all users. This is my way of helping both Au Pair’s and some Host Families to connect to each other. I always feel its a gift given to me, that I can help some people all around the world. This is a Fantastic Good Feeling.

Feel free to “surf” around on my Website and check out about my profession, my stories, documentation and to watch some of my films, that is published both here and on my YouTube Channel.

So why am I writing this article?

After my post on FB, this woman Emilym Weber, from Brazil attacked me and called me [ in a comment ] a scammer. Btw she is not an Au Pair at the moment, but she was Au Pair before.

If somebody attacks me, writing bad lies, spreading harassment regarding me, my family or my children, I will fight back to the bitter end and do my best to “close down” these people and all the supporters (those who are commenting or clicking like) and those who are using Facebook to spread fake news and harassment. They are what we call Facebook trolls. I have my own method on my own platform. If somebody try to hurt me, my family or my children, I will fight back, not physical, but hopefully, as an effect, harder than anyone can imagine.

I know that Emilym Weber have/had BJJ. [Brazilian Jiu Jitsu] as an interest or a hobby. Feel free and Welcome to try me out – Emilym Weber.

This episode and also some other names in the post are already reported to UDI – Immigration Police [ 29. Mai 2019 – 10.45 AM ] E mail is also sendt to the Immigration Department for Sweden and Denmark.

Now – First some short statements from me to those who participated with one or more comments in her specific NEW post,  after I deleted my post. I quickly deleted it and unsubscribed from the group after I started to understand this new development. A new post from her showed up with a lot of bad comments and accusations against me. All these Facebook trolls is my main goal in this article. Its directed to all who is behind it and included into it. More coming up soon. There is also a link to another interesting article below this article here. This is a Developing Story.

I would also like to say thanks to Ronalene Dela Cruz Peregrina for sharing this article with Emilym Weber in a the same post/group, plus into a new post, in the same group. Also she did post in some other groups on Facebook. Ronalene Dela Cruz Peregrina was/is an active part in spreading all these lies. So for now I am just hoping that so many as possible are able to read both my article here and some other connected articles here.  Thank you so much!

Please follow that link and read it after this article.

Today I will give one of these trolls a name. But first some short statements from me.

I am suveren to decide who I want to work in my companies or for my own family. I am not a recruiter for any “other” country.

I am not scammer. I would never then post my full name or my telephone in any post. Maybe I am a little naive, but not stupid.

No connection to the Police or UDI Immigration . I would never report confidential information or act as a Immigration “SPY”

I am not a “side kicker” who is reporting black workers only to try destroy their life, work permit or stay here in my home country.

I assure I have never been into any production of  XXX films. Will never happen. This accusations I will follow up. Its a Promise!

I always trying to be wise and give honestly answers for those who is asking for advice, even if it my answers have to be negative.

Let me present the Facebook troll Emilym Weber

She is from / living in Brazil and she is a former Au Pair.

As earlier said this bad story started with my post and Emilym Weber posting her quickly comment: [ SCAM ]. I have already noticed her before. She is always very quickly out there and posting SCAM comments, also in some other groups. I have also seen this in my own groups when she was a member, ex: [ Au Pair in Norway ] and [ Active Au Pair ]. However there is a growing problem in some groups. Au Pair post’s from Florida, USA has started to be a big problem in many of these groups. Also known as – Nigeria Scam. I always delete them as administrator. I also have been written some articles about this issue.

First I contacted her on Messenger and asked her to delete this comment. I told her I am not a Scammer. I told her who I am and I asked her again to please delete the |SPAM] comment many times. She got very aggressive and after some minutes she again wrote to me:

Because none of your posts help any other girls from any other country. Its being selective and this is not the purpose of aupair. A man writing on behalf of other families is not ok.

After a while I wrote her back:

I will give you two hour to delete your comment. If not I will after that “raise” my self against you. Report to FB. Delete and block all over! Surprise coming up soon.

Nothing happen. After a short period a Philippine woman contacted me on Messenger: – There is some girls attacking you on Facebook. Check it out! I couldn’t find it, but after some time I did find it, but I was of course blocked from reading it.

Click this link to visit her Facebook account

Click this link to visit her Instagram account

Before reading her post, text and comments, please read my add:

I hereby asking all those who are involved into this to delete their post or/and all comment. I will then be polite and delete the names from this article/website, as soon as I got a personal message, with a confirmation, from each and one of those who are deleting.

I always have behaved 100 prosent  kind, nice, professional and polite in all communication with all those persons who are writing comments. I think this is a part of a typical well known fenomen called “Mass Suggestion”.  If one person start to scream  WOLF WOLF. There will be many out who will soon see many wolfs around every corner. And this lonely fantasy shadow Wolf, will quickly turn into 100 dangerous killing wolfs. If there is someone out there who can give me evidence for bad behavior or something else. Please show me! Mostly all of those who are commenting this post are from Philippines. Not good for Philippine girls! I will make a note about all this. Some of them I dont know and never have been in any contact with. I have a copy of every single Messenger communication and I will deliver this to anyone who ask for some type of evidence. I know why someone of those who are commenting are telling lies like this. I have all the communication and I have a good memory. They will hear from me later, I promise, but in a different way.

Please read all the comments below and I promise that everyone with a normal IQ  [And Up] will understand what I mean. To the rest of you – I couldn’t care less.  You don’t need to be a “Rocket Scientist” to understand whats going on here.

And my last Clear Message to Emilym Weber, there is only one way for you to get out of all this mess. The post need to be deleted all over and a new post from you with a solid apologising to my family is needed. I will continue to share and publish this article, until this happen.

If some of you want to “fight” me in court about all this, feel welcome, just make sure you hire in a good lawyer.

Other Sub Supporters to the Post

These other persons who are “commenting or responding with different types of “likes”on every single comment” are not better at all. They are in my opinion also a part of this post and also to blame, by there support to this Internet Troll and this story with Fake News.

Even if this is a typical effect of “Mass Suggestion”, all of this people are practising harassment and should be responsible. I will follow up everybody. This article will be randomly updated if each and one person is contacting me and also giving me an apologise. I will also follow Emilym Weber`s “footstep in different FB Groups to see how she behave in the future.

My written answer/message on Messenger that they claim was a threat.

Hi . You maybe know already why I am writing to you here. Emilym Weber posted into a Au Pair Group that I am a Scammer. I am not!!! You are also taking part and commenting into this post. Or you are involved from friends of you who have named you in someway into the string of communication in the post.

The most chocking here is the fact that she call me a scammer because I am looking for an Au Pair living in Europe. She say: Non of your post help any other girl from any other country. CRAP!!! I am not working as a recruiter for any country. Why should I? II herby informing you that I have reported this post to Facebook with all the names and to all group administrators around. Included your name. I have also reported everyone, included you, with full name and a screenshot of the post and comments to the UDI Police Immigration in Norway and to the immigration for Denmark and Sweden. Will send the report tomorrow by E mail.

Mostly all who are commenting are btw Philippine girls. I of course have a copy of our communication between me and you to provide everyone who ever ask for it. I will if necessary also post it in public on Facebook as evidence. I am following the development in all groups and forums. You know that I always behave in a good way.

By the way I also want to inform you that I am a administrator in many Au Pair Groups and also running the website [activeaupair.com] Some of my groups are ex: Active Au Pair, Au Pair in Europe and Au Pair in Norway and so on… I am will also leave the comments open as proof/evidence.

So finally: I have never behaved in a rude or false way. I have been helping many Au Pairs to find a Host Family in Norway and also some other countries. To post something like this Emilym Weber did is not only rude and unpolite. Its against international law and the Norwegian law. It is directly harassment and internet mobbing. This is really SCAM!!! Some in the comments also “hinting” that I am XXX film maker… and for those who are commenting and are afraid that I will report them for black working and accusing me for having a fake instagram account. Maybe they have a reason to be worried now!

I have been working for approx 40 year as a journalist, film director and a photographer. I have been producing documentary films for CNN, BBC, and Norwegian Television. Included all small reportages and commercials I made around 1.500 films.

Its really bad for me to read this post from this girl Emilym Weber and I will do everything I can to stop her and all these girl who supporting her post. So this is why I now do what I have to. Even if this will destroy for other Au Pairs and make it harder for those who would like to be an Au Pair and to get to Norway. Even if this is will be a BOOSTER for the political anti Au Pair debate in Norway. FINE for me!!! I do what I have to do. I am a fighter and do not except anything like this. So Gud luck to all of you. I will wait for approx one week and then I will post this my self in some or maybe all Au Pair groups.

When this message is sent to you I will block you here on Messenger.   Regards Olaf

Breacking News

Because of different reasons the Au Pair Program issue in Norway is also a part of the News Headlines in Norway at the moment. I will bring you some links lower down, to some of this “Breaking News” article yesterday and today. It was published 29 and 30. May 2019 and also on Norwegian Television News. Totally a random coincident and a surprise for me – of course!

Latest Au Pair News in Norway basically explained

The last years there has been a growing debate in all Scandinavian countries, Norway, Sweden and Denmark about the Au Pair Program. Au Pair`s working “black” with cleaning is one issue that is often discussed and a growing problem in this country.

Another problem also is of course that some Host Families is abusing the Au Pair to work more hours than they should. This is actually a big problem. The Au Pair visa is based on a Culture Exchange Program and not a normal work visa. So an Au Pair can only work 5 hours per day for one single family.

The Norwegian Minister of Justice agreed with an Au Pair that she could move in to his house before she applied for a new visa. She was in a “Change Host” situation and moved in to the Minister of Justice.

The UDI Immigration Police found out about this issue and they denied her Visa Application. They then gave her two days to leave the country. She then went back home to Philippines immediately.

Now the discussion is about who did something wrong in this case. The Au Pair? The Minister of Justice? Or the Immigration office?

The Au Pair has now sent an Appeal to the UDI Immigration Office

Anyway… The sad part of the story here is that the Au Pair was deported and sent back to Philippines. Back here in Norway the Minister of Justice is fighting for his political “life” and some lawyers are arguing and discussing about who is responsible. Maybe the UDI Immigration did something wrong?

One thing is 100% sure.  If the Au Pair worked for the Minister of  Justice before she delivered her application for change host at the local Police Station, then she worked illegal. If she only lived there as the families guest, then it is maybe legal, maybe not. But the UDI immigration didn’t belive her. Because she moved into the Minister before she delivered the Visa Application.

UDI also say that it is not allowed to move in before the Police Interview. This is according to the Norwegian Law.

Finally and as conclusion, this is definitely not good for the political “landscape” in Norway and this is sadly a fantastic WOW story for those politicians who want to stop and delete the hole program for all Au Pair`s Cultural Exchange Program in Norway.

Article from our second biggest newspaper Dagbladet 29. MAI 2019

Article from our second biggest newspaper Dagbladet 30. MAI 2019

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