Au Pair Cheated

In February 2019, a girl from Philippines contacted me and asked me to share her story how she was cheated to pay for a false visa. Cheated by a “family” and a “Agency” from Florida. (Nigeria Scam). I will share her story.

Here is the story about Joly Anne Ramos and answer, plus all communication she had with the “family” in Florida, when she applied as an Au Pair

Hello Dear  (Copy/Paste of the answer from the “Host Family” in Florida.

Below is the detail of the job and you have to read through this contract papers attached there in… With the ongoing, i am going to file a visa application on your behalf since i will be assisting you in getting your travel papers. if you are willing to work for me here in the United State.

United state Immigration will notify me as the employer if you are eligible to come here and work for me. Read through the attached detail of the job carefully. You have to read carefully as it contain all the basic information
required on the job position. You need to have a clear understanding on how the work nature goes.

I understand that you might not have your visa processed yet and I have already discussed with the UNITED STATE IMMIGRATION service about my intention to get the service of foreign domestic worker as a nanny,
housekeeper and a gardener to take care of my kid and my household while I am not around….So this is how I intend to make everything work… I’m going to apply for the processing of your visa on your behalf and i will be the one to pay for the visa fee which is about $160…I am going to book for your flight to come down to the USA when your visa processing is completed.

I really need a honest and sincere person to work for me here in US…. I think the Labor registration fee is about $312 and that is all the US Immigration will ask you to pay and the rest will be my doing about 2,700$. this is all that I have arrange down for the convenience of both ends. so if you are OK with it, do get back with the signed contract pages.

What is the Foreign Labor Certification Process for hiring foreign workers? Hiring foreign workers for employment in the U.S. normally requires approval from several government agencies. In most instances, foreign employees first seek labor certification from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) through the US Immigration service. Once the application is certified by DOL (approved), the employer must petition the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services for a visa. Approval of labor certificate does not guarantee a visa issuance. The Department of State (DOS) will issue an immigrant visa number to the foreign worker for U.S. entry. Applicants must also establish that they are admissible to the U.S. under the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

The foreign labor certification process is the responsibility of the employee, not the employer; however, the employee can benefit from understanding these programs. The actual procedures depend on the nature of the visa being requested: Permanent, H-1B, H-2A, H-2B, D-1 and so on (here your visa category is H-2B non-agricultural).

Your labor registration fee has to be paid yourself (visa applicant) this is because the Immigration has mandated it that the applicant will address the labor registration fee and the payment receipt will be attached to applicant’s papers. The name on it will be used for the processing of all your papers….and when the processing get done, it will be sent to you via a courier service.

The employer will be responsible for the visa, working and residence permit fees and the employee pay for the US labor certificate fee.

In lieu of the above, this is done in an effort to make sure everything get arranged quickly and soon enough to have the travel papers fully processed timely…. I really need a God fearing employee here within the limited time. What I had in mind is to get the service of an experienced foreign domestic worker with some house-keeping experience.

Joly Anne Ramos

was cheated to pay 325USD (18.000 PHP Peso) She trusted this “woman” Cynthia McKnight and false “Agency” lost all her money. Normally we call this Nigeria Scam and they are very professional. So careful everyone. Its easy to be cheated if you really want to achieve you dream. If something is to good to be through – Normally it’s not trough!

This story is shared with Joly Anne Ramos’s permission.


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